Testimony 2 Argentina

My name is Javier Recchiuto. I am a plastic surgeon and admirer of the works of Elvira Riego, whom I met when sharing the choral activity.

From the first time I saw his works, I was surprised not to know why I could not stop touring and enjoying them. Each one transmits something so particular and takes you to places unknown to oneself. I have the joy of enjoying one of them in my house, which gave an incredible energetic turn, with its textures, reflected reflections and its warm welcome message in my house, it is in the entrance hall. It makes me feel that I am really in my shelter. And it connects me with the true message of this crop.

“Nothing and nobody stands between you and your Creator, only your belief”
Thanks Elvira for allowing me to enjoy your works and have this and soon others.
Voila! “Mediation”