Testimony 1 Argentina


Degree in Psychology Transpersonal Psychologist, Floral Therapist,
Druid shamanism practitioner,
Therapist in Past lives regression with shamanic orientation, Astrolgy student

I dedicate this testimony to Elvira C. Riego, whom I met in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentina in an exhibition of his magnificent works.
Her works impacted me in such a way that I automatically bought one of her paintings, with the Crop Circle “TRACING”, whose message interpreted by Elvira is that:
“Energy follows thought. It is worth meditating before thinking ”
From the presence of the Crop I began to notice that my consultants pondered their actions more before activating them.
Then in front of a remodeling of the part of my office where I attend to my patients on a stretcher, I asked Elvira what Crop recommended me for that place where only healing is done in connection with my spirit and that of the patient. The artwork “CONCENTRATION” was the one that occupied that place. Your message is:
“Concentrate all your forces on a single point and your energy will mutate the forms.”
The presence of this amazing Crop Circle in my healing space has exponentially multiplied the power of healing generating a multidimensional impact on my patients.

For me it was shocking to discover how in front of the presence of that Crop Circle until the power of my sound songs rise exponentially.
All this has been activated from the presence of these Crops in my therapeutic and healing space.
They do not reach the words to describe the mysterious way in which these agrograms work, which is obvious that they awaken in our subconscious the forgotten writing of the spiritual archetypes of the universe by activating sacred mathematics and transcendent geometry within us.
Without more than thanks to Elvira for having contacted me with this wonder and for having decoded its impressive meaning.