Collection 360


Many people over the years working with Crops Circles have asked me why my designs are monochromatic.
Just as the crop circles are traced, the connection gallery designs are also monochrome.
The designs exposed, in earth colors, i have baptized them “NATIVE VERSION”. In the tab “Designs Posters”,

you can appreciate the possibilities of modifying the color base in thirteen (13) different options.
The geometry of each design is a very powerful and specific information code.
In turn, each color has a special vibrational frequency, and has the ability to mutate the frequency information.
Therefore, i have been as faithful as possible to the original design of the layout on the field, so that the information transmitted by the designs is faithful to the original message of the crop circle.
In the elaboration of the works of art, various materials are used such as wood, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, resins, foam rubber, mirrors, gems, textured fabrics.


Are irreplaceable articles for decoration of living rooms, foyers, offices, consultings, hotels, commercial premises, etc..
Are unique in their type, because they are multipurpose:
Decorate, generate beauty, awaken awareness, and resonate with wider realities.
Can be made in any size, my suggestion is that they have a minimum of 50 x 50 cm for paintings, and 60 cm diam for works of art.
Personally, i prefer the combination black and silver, or black and gold, because it immediately moves me to the imaginary of the sky and the stars.


It’s very simple.
Just take the time to see the collections, and stop when someone calls your attention. With a click on the image you can enlarge it and see the name with which i identify it. Attached, you can see the date and place where the image was generated, in addition to reading what personally inspired me.
The set of 360 designs, are also developed into a product i call “WHITE CARDS”, which are offered in 5 groups of 72 designs each.
I like to describe it as my 360° expanded vision. All of them are “points of view”, summed up, they bring us closer to the deepest truths.
As a geometrician and spiritual seeker, I believe that the role of the observer is determinant in the construction of reality, because from our choices, we create,
For this reason, i call upon you also to make your own interpretation.