Elvira Celina Riego Casiva


She is a Social Worker, graduated from the National University of Cordoba, studied Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu Massage, Gemotherapy, among other disciplines associated with energy management. She is Instructor of Yoga, Taichi Chuan and Chi Kung, deepening her studies with the master Dr. Liu Ming.
Formed as a Geometrician, Technical Draughtsman, specialized in the area of Architecture and Geology. She has published two books: “DESCORRIENDO LOS VELOS” (Unraveling the Sails) – 2009, y “EL CAMINO DE LA ROSA” (The Path of the Rose)- 2012. After more than 15 years of research into divine human design, energy systems and their link to sacred geometry and sturgeon geometry, he comes to some important conclusions that will form part of his forthcoming books and educational proposals.

She works as a Spiritual Therapist, is a Formator for the University of Sacred Geometry Mexico. https://universidadgeometriasagrada.com/#about2.

Consultant, researcher, writer and plasma in works of art designs of the Crops Circles.

She is part of the Geophilia.org team, as a geometrician and trainer.

Soon, you will be able to see their new courses on line.



A little history

A brief review of images of all the years dedicated to the expansion of consciousness.
Thanks to all the beings who attended the appointment with their true Self.

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